Why wait until the new year to make that change? Get a head start and take up my Ceriontraining  CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN OFFER. Burn off some pre-emptive Christmas calories.

What do you get?

  • First taster session is free
  • No pressure to sign up
  • Get the next 4 sessions for £20 each
  • Relaxed and friendly environment to complete your workout
  • Ongoing exercise and nutritional support to help you achieve
  • Get in touch to find out more and how to book.
  • Sessions from The Gym Cheltenham and The Fitness Hub


We all lead busy lives and sometimes it takes someone handing the opportunity for self development to you before you will make time for yourself. This could be that opportunity for someone you know or even yourself!!! Buying a personal training voucher for yourself, your friends, family or your loved ones leads to opportunities for new PB’s, new mind-sets, a new focus, increased strength or increased body confidence. What an exciting and different Christmas present to buy.

Visit my shop or send me an email to find out about the different options available.

There are two options. The first is to buy a voucher for 1-2-1 PT sessions with me (predominantly from a gym in Cheltenham). Sessions are £20 each with the first session free (so you get the first 2 sessions for £20) so you can buy as many or as little as required. The second option is an online training program and you can buy a voucher for 1 month (£25) or numerous months again depending on what you think your recipient may like.