This is a good option if you have a specific goal in mind such as an event, charity challenge or want to develop your health and fitness for a certain date. It might be that you already go to the gym and would like a new program to develop your fitness to the next level. Likewise you may be new to exercise and want an easy to follow plan that requires no equipment and no expensive gym membership but  would like something that’s effective and easy to follow. Whatever your needs are I can write you a plan.

  • We will discuss your goals, training background and assess other factors such as pervious injuries and I will create a plan specifically to suit you.
  • You chose how long, how many days you can train and let me know of any times training might be difficult and I’ll work out the rest for you.
  • You will receive a training plan all in one go which you can then follow.

I have written a variety of plans to meet specific needs including charity walking challenges, half and full marathon programs and developing muscular strength and endurance from home. Just let me know what your needs are and I can write a plan to suit.

Want More Support?

Looking for more ongoing support rather than a one off program then read about my online coaching option.