Contact me for a no obligation chat to discuss how I can help you progress towards your goals. This is also your chance to ask me any questions and find out if you would like to work with me. The programs and prices listed below are not your only options so if you have something different in mind please ask. I look forward to hearing from you.

Personal Training ConsultationA free no obligation chat for you to ask questions and to discuss how I could help you progress towards your goals. We can discuss which type of training would be most suitable and it gives you a chance to decide if you would like to work with me.Free
Free 1-2-1 PT Session for New Clients Come for a free 1 hour personal training session and see how I can help you work towards your goals. There is no obligation to sign up, just come along and see if you would like to train with me.Free
1-2-1 Personal Training Tran with me on a 1-2-1 basis and get specific help towards our goals. Train before or after work with flexible times offered or at the weekend. Nutritional support also available. Offer £20 per hour for the first 4 sessions
Ongoing Online CoachingA weekly program designed to meet your goals which is tailored specifically to you. Each week the program will be updated to take into account time commitments, workload and how your body is responding. We will have a weekly check-in (through a suitable method for you) and you will be able to contact me regarding any questions and concerns you may have. £50 per month
One Off Training PlansYou decide how long and how often you want to train for and I will write you a one off training program tailored towards your goal and off you go! This is perfect if you have a specific goal in mind i.e. a half marathon and you want someone to provide you with an effective program you can follow independently. £30 per month
Group Training SessionsI will come and personally lead training sessions which will meet the needs of your group. This could include activities ranging from a gentle exercise class to a hard bootcamp and is suitable for any groups such as a sports club looking for some extra fitness training or a group of friends just looking for a regular workout. Pricing by arrangement - contact me for more information.
OtherI am fully flexible and have experience in a wide range of activities so if there is something you would like to train for and the above options don’t suit you please contact me and we can discuss an appropriate program for you. Pricing by arrangement - contact me for more information.

Interested in working with me.